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  Name Title Group Contact
Betsy Alford Alford, Betsy Secretary Ext. 1101
Sara Asher Asher, Sara Chair, Social Studies Ext. 1311
Sara Asher Asher, Sara Chair, Social Studies
Jeanne Averill Averill, Jeanne English
Benton Bajorek Bajorek, Benton Debate
Lauren Bajorek Bajorek, Lauren History Teacher
Jenny Baker Powers Baker Powers, Jenny Learning Support Specialist Ext. 1301
Rob Baldwin Baldwin, Rob Chaplain
Robert Baldwin Baldwin, Robert Chaplain 785.843.6166
Krista Barbour Barbour, Krista English Ext. 1305
Neal Barbour Barbour, Neal English | ESL Ext. 1315
Ellen Chindamo Chindamo, Ellen Director of Development Ext. 1105
Aaron Combs Combs, Aaron Strength & Conditioning Ext. 1309
Sonja Czarnecki Czarnecki, Sonja Dean of Students | Social Studies Ext. 1107
Cris Denning Denning, Cris Financial Administrator Ext. 1108
Vanessa Eicher Eicher, Vanessa English Ext. 1314
Kendall Ellis Ellis, Kendall Languages, French
Bill Gollier Gollier, Bill Social Studies Ext. 1201
Luke Helker Helker, Luke Instrumental Music Ext. 1310
Steve Kellogg Kellogg, Steve Director of Technology Ext. 1312
James LaRocca LaRocca, James Math Ext. 1313
Margie Lawrence Lawrence, Margie Director of Music Arts Ext. 1203
Lisa Leroux-Smith Leroux-Smith, Lisa Director of Admissions
Amanda Lovett Lovett, Amanda English Teacher
Leslie McCaffrey McCaffrey, Leslie Director of Admissions Ext. 1102
Kalli McClure McClure, Kalli Counselor, WRAP
Don Meier Meier, Don Science Ext. 1215
Lawrence Meier Meier, Lawrence Science
Amy Meyers Meyers, Amy Chair, Languages | Latin Ext. 1205
Eric Nelson Nelson, Eric Assistant Athletics Director | Science Ext. 1218
Eric Nelson Nelson, Eric Assistant Athletics Director | Science
Eric Neuteboom Neuteboom, Eric Facilities Director Ext. 1213
Matt Patterson Patterson, Matt Director of College Counseling | English Ext. 1217
Julie Pearce Pearce, Julie Technology Director
Laura Porter Porter, Laura Chair, Arts Ext. 1204
Michael Pulsinelli Pulsinelli, Michael Chair, English Ext. 1202
Rupert Randall Randall, Rupert Science Ext. 1303
Shane Richmond Richmond, Shane Instructor Ext. 1211
Brian Rios Rios, Brian Athletics Director | Health & PE Ext. 1307
Scott Rowe Rowe, Scott Languages, Spanish Ext. 1207
Elena Rusche Rusche, Elena Languages, French Ext. 1206
Don Schawang Schawang, Don Head of School Ext. 1106
Kara Schrader Schrader, Kara Director of Enrollment | Chair, Science Ext. 1219
Jenny Simpson Simpson, Jenny History Teacher
Doug Weaver Weaver, Doug Director of Theatrical Arts Ext. 1308
Will Whipple Whipple, Will Instructor Ext. 1209
David Xiong Xiong, David
Ron Young Young, Ron Math Ext. 1212