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Vision, Guidelines, and more

Part of the vision of Bishop Seabury Academy is “to promote a sense of responsibility for self and respect for others as members of the community.” Seabury believes that community service is a crucial aspect of building this respect. Service connects every student to the local and global community, engenders a greater sense of identity and integrity, and unifies the student body. Furthermore, service projects introduce students to important social issues and give them the opportunity to participate and to create improvements in the greater society. Ideally, this continued and consistent service obligation will generate a positive orientation towards community involvement and a sense of civil responsibility.
Any project, local or international, will count towards Community Service hours if it fulfills all the following requirements:
  • It is not for self-benefit including work done for a grade, financial benefit, or material benefit.
  • Community Service hours must be an activity that addresses a social or civic issue or a professional area of interest.
  • It requires more than 30 minutes to complete.
  • It requires suitable effort or engagement.
  • The action is approved by the Community Service Director.
  • Each service effort must be submitted via the Online Form on this site.  All fields must be completed.
  • Seniors who graduate without completing 30 hours of service total for each of their years at Seabury will have their diplomas withheld until those hours are accomplished.
Please click on the Online Form below to submit your hours.
  • You will need to provide an email address for an adult who was on-site with you who can testify to your work.
  • The Community Service Director will enter you hours. 
  • Go to FACTS SIS (Renweb)
  • Click on the three bars in the upper left-hand corner of the Home page
  • Select Students.
  • Click on your student's name.
  • You will see a box on the right side of the page labeled "Service Hours".


POSTED September 15, 2020
Hello Seabury Community-
Here is another SERVICE OPPORTUNITY mostly for adults and High School students but younger students can participate with an adult. We need volunteers to sign up for at least a two-hour shift on Saturday, with the busiest times being from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m., with the event coming to a close around 3:30 and tear down taking place right after.
Please contact the Ballard Center Coordinator - Evan Riggs at 785-842-0729, ext. 104 to sign up.
Rev It Up! Hot Rod Street Festival - Car Show
September 26 6am - 3:30pm
Benefit for Ballard Center
For more details, here’s their website:  
POSTED September 13, 2020
Hi everyone,
We're ramping up this month and until Nov. 3--we need your help! This week the League is launching the March to the Polls initiative (see below for information). We need folks who are willing to do socially-distanced canvassing AND who can do phone-banking. If you are interested in canvassing, please sign up on the SignUp Genius form (below). If you would like to do phone banking, contact Ma'ko'quah Jones: (785) 424-5591. 
There are also plenty of tabling opportunities at Checkers, WonderFair, and the Lawrence Public Library. All events are outdoors until further notice. 
All about March to the Polls from Ma'ko'quah Abigail Jones, the MTTP coordinator:
"MTTP is gearing up to start social distance door-to-door canvassing beginning September 19. The schedule will be: Mon-Thur 5pm-7pm, Sat 10am-12pm and Sun 2pm-4pm (no canvassing on Fridays). We will be canvassing in teams of 2 so bring your favorite person to canvass with you. We will be providing bags with hand sanitizer, masks, pens, forms, scripts to read and LWV badges to identify yourselves as volunteers. 
We will be targeting underrepresented neighborhoods, communities of color and low voter turnout areas. Prior to October 13, we will be encouraging people to register to vote. Canvassing after that will focus on making sure people have a plan to vote. We will have door hangers and fliers with information about how to VOTE FROM HOME.
We will be enforcing social distancing protocol while informing community members about the importance of registering to vote. We will be walking neighborhoods with each team knocking on doors, talking with someone 6 feet apart, wearing masks and sanitizing after each household visit. Canvassing involves sharing information with voters and/or leaving a door hanger, postcard or flier at each household with information regarding, polling places, drop off boxes and important dates.
We are EXCITED to engage potential voters! Volunteers are encouraged to arrive 15 min early to each canvassing date to familiarize yourself with the tablets that we will be using to record data. Bring your water bottles and dress for the weather."
Hope you can join us and help save democracy!