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Spring Break 2023 - SPAIN

March 13-22, 2023
ALL airfare, hotels, meals, transportation, entrance, and guide fees and tips are included in cost.
Open to any Seabury student, grades 6-12.
Chaperones: Dr. Vanessa Eicher, Senor Scott Rowe, and Ms. Amy Meyers
Dr. Eicher, Senor Rowe and Ms. Meyers are very excited to take students on Seabury‚Äôs first international trip to Spain!  During Spring Break 2023. they will travel to Madrid visiting famous landmarks, museums, and parks.  While staying in the capital city of Madrid, they will visit Toledo to see how metal is forged into elaborate weaponry and jewelry and travel to Segovia to see its' spectacular fairy-tale like castle. They will go to Cordoba to view exquisite architecture and continue their journey to Seville exploring the city and surrounding areas.  The trip finishes up back in Madrid before returning to the US. Along the way, students will become familiar with using public transportation, local cuisine, and culture.  This will be an unforgettable experience filled with wonderful memories and fun in one of the most beautiful countries in the world!
Application and deposit are due September 21.
Spain 2023 Itinerary and Details
Spain 2023 Enrollment Form
Spain 2023 International Trip Release - coming soon
Spain 2023 International Trip Scholarship Application

International Educational Travel

International travel has been a long standing tradition since 1998-99 at Bishop Seabury Academy. Our trips, held each year during Spring Break, promote individual academic growth by providing students with personal experiences of what they study. As extensions of the classroom, they are designed to complement the history, art, language and theater courses taught at Seabury. Students have the opportunity to see and explore monuments, art, and historical sites and learn from professional guides and/or experienced Seabury faculty. These trips help our students to develop an appreciation for other cultures and ways of life, as well as give students a forum for conversing with native speakers.  
  • ALL airfare, hotels, meals, transportation, museum and guide fees and tips are included in cost.
  • Open to any Seabury student, grades 6-12.
  • Held annually during Seabury's Spring Break.
  • Each trip is preceded by several meetings with parents and students, both to discuss practical aspects such as packing and conduct, and to offer students videos, presentations, and museum visits here in Lawrence to prepare them intellectually and culturally for their experience abroad.
  • Seabury chaperones accompany the student group.
  • Limited space available.
  • All Covid protocol, requirements, and restrictions apply.
Rotating sequence of countries:
Spanish-speaking country
China or other Asian country
Spring Break