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The Bishop Seabury Association of Parents (BSAP) supports school life at Bishop Seabury Academy by fostering strong relationships among the school, parents, teachers, and staff.
All parents, guardians or adults standing in loco parentis with students currently enrolled at Seabury are members of BSAP. All parents are encouraged to be fully invested in the academic education of their student.
The Bishop Seabury Association of Parents' Organization (BSAP) accomplishes this goal by: 
  • Enhancing and encouraging the educational, experiential, and social environment of Bishop Seabury Academy. 
  • Build community within the school, enhance the relationship among the school, parents, and Lawrence community; and encourage the community's investment of time, energy, and money into BSA. 
  • Assist parents in expanding knowledge needed to raise, protect, and prepare students as they continue to realize their full potential. 
  • We strive to compliment the school curriculum with additional opportunities for parents, teachers, and students to learn, socialize, communicate, grow and a promote an inclusive environment for all of the BSA community members.  
Follow BSAP on Facebook to stay up to date and for more information email:
BSAP Structure and Bylaws


  • A financial donation assists in supporting BSAP-sponsored events and projects.
  • You may designate your donation for a specific event or project in the Comment section of the form.
  • You will receive an email confirming your donation.

Thank you for your donation!


Grocery Cards

Each month BSAP offers our community the opportunity to purchase gift cards from local grocery stores. The grocery card program is the PRIMARY funding source for BSAP. The cards are sold at face value and BSAP receives a discount on their purchase.  We receive 5% of the card value from HyVee, Checkers & The Merc, 5% from Sprouts, and 2.5% from Walmart.
Place your grocery card order ONLINE by the 15th of the month for pick-up (at Seabury) by the 1st of the following month. Orders placed after the 15th will be available the next month.
An email confirmation will be sent out when the grocery cards are ready for pickup, usually around the 1st of the month.
1. Send payment through your online checking account before you pick up your order at Seabury.
2. Pay with check, made out to BSAP, when the order is picked up. 
Grocery cards may also be purchased for school events. For more information please email:
Thank you for your Grocery Card purchase!

Volunteer on a Committee

Work with staff partners in the Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts departments by organizing events, activities and refreshments for the theater productions, choral concerts, and art projects.
This committee manages BSAP fundraising by processing orders for grocery cards and managing receipts for grocery receipt programs. These critical efforts provide the majority of the much-needed income for BSAP for the entire year.
Help to create a pleasant outdoor environment for the Seabury community with both student and adult participation. The Grounds Committee organizes routine work days throughout the year to do general clean up and maintenance around the campus.
This committee creates a welcoming environment by organizing, staging, and providing refreshments for a number of events throughout the year as well as organizing ways to show staff and teacher appreciation.
Work with Seabury staff to plan, organize, and promote two parent education programs each year. These program nights offer an opportunity for learning, connection, and social time for parents and faculty.
Help organize and execute various school events throughout the year to promote community and school spirit. Some favorite student events are Casino Night, and Palooza.
This committe works to organize various events throughout the year that promote community and school spirit. Some of the favorite student events are FallSports kick-off, Late Night and Nine Miles @ Night.
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