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What We Have to Offer

Bishop Seabury Academy offers a culture of honor and responsibility where students, grades 6-12, actively strive to be good citizens and friends, where the community is defined by excellence, respect, and mutual support.

"We asked ourselves the question: How can we best prepare our kids to go where they want to go? Seabury was the answer in everything they did."
~Seabury Parent


Find Yourself at Seabury

Find Yourself At Seabury

Service and Leadership

  • The Seabury Culture stresses individual initiative, and students are called upon daily to take leadership roles in social, academic, and extracurricular contexts.
  • Every student is involved in annual community service at community centers, parks, shelters, schools, churches, as well as with other non-profit organizations that are importanct to the students and their families. 
  • 5,850 Average community service hours completed by students each year.


Character Development 

  • The spirit to think and do those things that are right, each person is nurtured not only academically but also physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • Students study the world's religions and ethical traditions rigorously and with respect.
  • Each student's experience of Seabury will push them to wrestle with the biggest questions of meaning and value in life and come to some answers by way of classes, chapel, service and self-reflection.


Exceptional Academics

  • Average classroom size of 14-17 students leads to rich classroom discussion and individual academic growth. 
  • Students at all grade levels prepare for and take various exams that colleges use to evaluate students, ranging from preliminary exams to Advanced Placement exams.
  • Teachers prioritize and customize instruction to meet the needs of individual students.
  • 80% of faculty hold advance degrees.
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