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The Board of Trustees upholds Seabury’s mission by establishing organizational polices and being responsible for the school’s fiscal affairs including hiring and supporting an effective Head of School who can operate and manage the school successfully. The Trustees are working with the Head of School to ensure progress is being made on the strategic plan objectives. The term of all members of the Trustees (except the Bishop of the Episcopal Church, the President of the Parents Association, and the Head of School) is three years. Full board meetings occur every other month, and smaller board committee meetings (executive, finance, and admissions committees) occur on alternating months.

For 2021-2022

Dr. Don Schawang, Head of School/Ex-Officio
Patti Bartley, President
Teresa Hanna, Vice-President
Doni Mooberry Slough, Board Treasurer
Kay Almanza, Board Secretary 
Donna Bell 
Ron Crawford 
Kaylin Dillon, Alumni Board President/Ex-Officio
Mary Dillon
Reed Dillon 
Edward “Trip” Frizell
Father Patrick Funston, Proxy for the Bishop of Kansas 

Jeremy Hamm
Michele Hammann
Stephen Hill
Kathleen Hodge 
Jason Hornberger
Theresa Klimiuk
Lynn Segebrecht
Amy Shumaker 
Richard Spurlock 
Beth Wigen
Jeff Weinberg
Scott Zaremba
Robert Page, BSA Parents Association President/Ex-Officio