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Our Focus

The social studies curriculum presents Bishop Seabury students a true global perspective. Beginning in sixth and seventh grade with World Geography and finishing with the senior year required course of Ethics and Philosophy in twelfth grade, Seabury students develop a solid understanding of our global society. World Geography gives an overview of physical and cultural geography to the sixth and seventh grades. In World Religions (eighth grade), students are presented with an overview of the major religious beliefs and philosophies of the world.  Freshmen and sophomores take World History. In these two years, students are provided with an in-depth look not just at world history, but also at historical trends and the development of the global society in which we live. Juniors take U.S. History, which focuses on how the United States, in the past and at present, fits into the global community. Senior year presents the opportunity to take the elective Comparative Government course. This is a college-level course that compares the governments, policy making, political economy, and collective identity of six different nation states. When students have completed this curriculum, they are well-prepared to become citizens in the rapidly changing global community.

World Geography I (6)
World Geography II (7)
History of World Religions (8)
World History I (9)
World History II/World History II (Honors) (10)
United States History/Unites States History (Honors) (11)
International Politics and U.S. Government (Honors) (12)
European History (Honors) (11, 12)
Philosophy and Ethics (12)