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For the 2020-2021 School Year

The Connected Learning program engages all teachers and students working off-campus in the event that they cannot do so safely at school. The curriculum in Connected Learning is the same Bishop Seabury Academy curriculum. The difference is that teachers have adapted the design, structure, and pedagogy to meet the needs of students learning at home, whether they are using technology or not. After the fast and successful pivot to distance learning in spring 2020, school leaders collected survey data and researched best practices in online learning to improve distance learning and develop a revised program for 2020-21. In the summer, teachers worked together in professional development seminars, designed and led by Seabury teacher-leaders, on tools and strategies for Connected Learning. The result balances students’ social-emotional needs with the academic rigor of a Bishop Seabury Academy education. Please see the addendum about Connected Learning in the Community Handbook for more information, or contact the school.