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Continuous Enrollment Agreement FAQ

What is an Evergreen Contract or Evergreen Enrollment?
Evergreen Enrollment is a simplified re-enrollment process that eliminates annual paper contracts. Once a student is enrolled at Bishop Seabury Academy, they are assumed to be enrolled through the completion of 12th grade, unless the family notifies the school otherwise.
Why did BSA make the change from paper contracts to Evergreen Enrollment Contracts?
Evergreen Enrollment reflects the expectation that a child's experience at BSA is a relationship that lasts through graduation from high school. Additionally, it reduces the amount of paperwork parents need to complete and streamlines our administrative processes to provide greater convenience for both the parents and the staff.
I am enrolling more than one child. Do I need to sign an Evergreen Enrollment Contract for each one?
Yes, you will need to complete one Evergreen Enrollment contract for each child, but you only need to do it once for their entire education at BSA.
I am planning to keep my child(ren) at BSA through graduation, but what if my plans change?
If your situation changes and your child(ren) will NOT be attending BSA for an upcoming school year, you must inform the school in writing before January 31st of the current school year.
Is a deposit required?
Parents are required to provide a $900 deposit per student that will be due by January 31st each year. A $200 deposit is required if applying for financial assistance. 
Where and when will tuition and fees be posted?
Tuition and fees for the upcoming school year are posted on or before November 1st each year. The information is shared with current families through a letter from the school’s administration; the information is also posted on the BSA website.
Does this change how the Financial Aid process is handled?
No. Need based financial aid applications will still be processed through FAST and the deadlines for those applications will remain the same.
Evergreen Enrollment Dates At-A-Glance
November 1st: Tuition and Fees Published for the following school year
November 15th: Need Based Financial Aid Applications open
January 15th: Need Based Financial Aid Applications due
January 31st: Written Notice Due to Terminate Evergreen Contract
January 31st: Contract Deposit Due
May 31st: Final Day to terminate Evergreen Contract
Can I terminate the contract after June 1st?
The contract can be terminated after January 31st and before June 1st with the forfeiture of the deposit.  However, the contract cannot be appealed starting June 1st.
If I still have questions, who should I contact for more information?
Questions about the contract and payment plans should be directed to our Financial Administrator Cris Denning (
Questions about enrollment should be directed to our Director of Admissions, Lisa Leroux-Smith (
You may also contact Head of School Dr. Schawang (