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Spring Break Educational Trip

International travel is a long standing tradition at Bishop Seabury Academy, with the spring break trips being initiated in the academic year 1998-1999. Early on, with parental input, we established that these would be trips for faculty and students only, and that we placed value upon planning our own trips for our school, as opposed to joining national organizations where we would be placed with other schools.
The first student trip was to Rome, and in subsequent years students and their faculty chaperones have visited Belize, England, Cuba, Costa Rica, France, Greece, and Italy. In 2019, Seabury led its first trip to China. Students not only toured historical sites and museums, but also enjoyed making dumplings, riding bikes along the Great Wall, and taking a Tai Chi lesson. In spring 2020, students traveled to Greece followed sequentially by Italy, a Spanish speaking country, France, and China again.
Our trips promote individual academic growth by providing students with personal experiences of what they study. In many ways, they are extensions of the classroom and are designed to complement the history, art, language and theater courses taught at Seabury. Students have the opportunity to see and explore monuments, art, and historical sites that they have or will study in the classroom. Lectures are given on site either by professional guides or experienced Seabury faculty. These trips help our students to develop an appreciation for other cultures and ways of life. They also give students a forum for conversing with native speakers.  
International trips are open to any Seabury student grades 6-12. Each one is preceded by several meetings with parents and students, both to discuss practical aspects such as packing and conduct, and to offer students videos, presentations, and museum visits here in Lawrence to prepare them intellectually and culturally for their experience abroad.