International Trips

International travel is a long standing Seabury tradition. Our trips promote individual academic growth by providing students with personal experiences of what they study. In many ways, our trips are extensions of the classroom. Trips are designed to complement history, art, language and theater courses taught at Seabury.  Students have the opportunity to see and explore monuments, art, and historical sites that they have or will study in the classroom. Lectures are given on site either by professional guides or experienced Seabury faculty. These trips help our students to develop an appreciation for other cultures and ways of life. They also give students a forum for conversing with native speakers. 

Our trips are typically 8-10 days during our two week Spring Break in March. Our trips are planned and chaperoned by Seabury faculty to ensure that they meet academic and safety expectations. Prices range from $3200-$3900 which includes all expenses except for souvenirs. Scholarships are available. 

In 2017, Seabury traveled to Cuba. Upcoming trips include: 2018 France led by Lori Derby. 2019 England led by Sara Asher. 2020 Greece led by Amy Meyers.