Friday Letter

September 28, 2018

Dear Parents,

Of the various drills we do with the students each year, the lock down is obviously my least favorite.  We do these drills twice a year in order to prepare for the unlikely possibility of a hostile intruder on campus.  The next such drill will be on Tuesday.  I always give notice to students before a lock down drill, as the exercise can be taxing even when we know there is no apparent threat.  As you can imagine, there is a difficult line to walk with children between emphasizing the need for these procedures and avoiding unnecessary emotional wear and tear (especially with our youngest students).  In these drills, students have to imagine the worst in order to strategize how to be safe and, in the worst case situation, overpower an intruder.  In recent years, I have found that even our youngest students are more resilient than I have sometimes anticipated.  The drills are sobering for all of us, of course, but the students generally seem to be able to compartmentalize this work. 

As I said at curriculum night, I am hopeful that our capital campaign for the new construction will be successful, as campus security is a central objective for the project.  In the meantime, we will depend upon our existing procedures.  Over the summer, I invited a representative from the Lawrence Police Department to visit and walk through out security procedures, and he verified that those precautions are the best we can implement.

Next Friday is Grandparent & Family Friend Day, an annual event where grandparents and friends of the family are invited to attend morning meeting, morning classes, and a brief presentation by the Head of School.  We always enjoy having guests at school for this important day.  Please contact Betsy Alford at if you know of additional guests who would like to attend or if you have any questions about the itinerary.  Guests will be finished by 11 a.m.  ALSO, the line of cars down the frontage road does not indicate that the parking lot is full.  Actually, those are student vehicles, leaving open spaces for our guests.  So please tell your visiting family members that we should have a lot of parking available in the main lot. 

The Feast of St. Francis of Assisi is a Christian holiday observed next Tuesday.  We will recognize St. Francis on Wednesday with a fun event we haven't done in a while: the Blessing of the Animals.  In order to pull this off, we will need some parental collaboration!  If your family has a small animal that would like to be blessed (nothing larger than a dog please), you should bring that creature with you (along with the small creature you usually drop off each morning) a bit earlier than usual.  Some procedural notes:

  1. To avoid any hassles with drop-off, please arrive early and park your car--preferrably on the frontage road.  (No holding up the drop-off line!)
  2. Go directly from your vehicle to Kimbell Field.
  3. Plan to accompany your child's pet the entire time.
  4. Dogs should be caged or on a leash at all times; cats and small animals must be caged at all times.
  5. Parents should take any animals (who are not officially Seabury students) directly home prior to 1st period.

If you don't want to bring your pet---or he/she is deceased--Chaplain Stephanie will be happy to bless a picture.  It is a bit of work to pull off this event, but it is worth it for the kids.  If you have any questions, please contact Chaplain Stephanie at 

Mr. Nelson has scheduled the annual Nine Miles @ Night run, a Seabury community evening run along the North Lawrence Mountain Bike Trail.  The event will happen on November 3rd.  Feel free to check out this link for more information:

If you shop in Lawrence, you can help fund the Bishop Seabury Association of Parents with their grocery card program.  Grocery cards are the ONLY source of funding for BSAP-sponsored work for students. Last year, these funds paid for buses for the eclipse-viewing, the 20th anniversary t-shirts, school bulletin boards, and the 7th grade visit to Hutchinson.  If you shop, you should shop with a card! It is as easy as sending an email or filling out this form.  Just tell BSAP what you want, and Betsy will contact you at the first of the month when your cards are ready.  You can even set up an auto payment with your bank. If you sign up for a recurring order, you will be entered into a drawing for a very special prize at Late Night. Remember that Dillon's cards work a little differently: please designate BSAP as your “give back” with Dillon’s, and you need to do this every year to keep it updated!

Yours respectfully,

Dr. Schawang