Friday Letter

September 13, 2019

Dear Parents,

Now that we are a few weeks into the school year, teachers will be sending progress reports for every student next week.  (If you are a new parent, please make sure that you have set up your account with Schoology as soon as possible in order to receive those reports, and contact Mr. Kellogg if you need help:  Some parents will find these reports to be an indication that their students need additional guidance with time management or study habits, and this is also a good time to partner with teachers in developing a plan tailored to individual students. 

Any fall student-athlete still wanting to take the Impact pre-concussion baseline test should contact Brett Romme, Clinical Support Specialist, at the LMH Performance Wellness Center. Parents should call Brett @ 505-5840, indicate their connection to Seabury, and schedule a testing time. We will be testing basketball players prior to their season.  

Next week is Spirit Week.  For the students, "spirit" translates to "unusual dress," and the student senate sets the dress agenda for the week.  The theme for each day's dress is as follows:

Monday: Pajama Day

Tuesday: Rainbow Day (6th red, 7th orange, 8th yellow, 9th green, 10th blue, 11th purple, 12th pink, faculty black & white)

Wednesday: Trends Day (memes, Tik Toks, vines, pop culture)

Thursday: Jers-Day (jerseys and sports attire that doesn't necessarily have to be Seabury-related)

Friday: Seabury Spirit Day

Ms. Czarnecki will be explaining to students the boundaries for each day.  (Conventional standards for good taste always apply at school.)  Students who choose not to participate should come to school in normal dress code.  Shirts tucked.

Since its inception, Bishop Seabury Academy has sponsored an international trip in the spring for interested students to benefit from the experience of travel outside the U.S.  This year's trip will be to Greece.  Ms. Meyers will be holding an information meeting on Sunday in Reese Hall from 5-6 pm for any interested parents and students.  If you have any questions about the meeting or cannot attend, please contact her at

Sophomore Jason Meschke has organized an ongoing week-by-week dodgeball "tournament" to begin Friday late start mornings.  The faculty agreed, "Yes, let's get the students even more worked up before classes on Fridays...."  Clearly, the students had a good time.

Yours respectfully,

Dr. Schawang