Friday Letter

Septembeer 15, 2017

Dear Parents,

You may have read in last week's Lawrence Journal World that 2016-17 ACT scores have been released.  Bishop Seabury Academy once again had the highest scores in Lawrence with a composite average score of 28 (compared to Lawrence public schools average of 23.6, Kansas average of 21.7, and national average of 21).  The average score to predict achievement in STEM was 27.3 for Seabury and 21.7 for the State.  The ACT also provides a benchmark score for college readiness in graduating seniors and available comparisons to state averages are equally impressive:

English: Seabury 89% vs. State 69%

Math: Seabury 86% vs. State 46%

Reading: Seabury 82% vs. State 54%

Science 89% vs. State 41%

Meeting benchmarks in all 4 areas: Seabury 79% vs. State 29%

Our ACT and SAT scores also tend to be slightly higher than our peer independent schools, and that fact is especially noteworthy.  Congratulations to our students for their exceptional performance and to our teachers for their excellent work!

We have scheduled Grandparent & Family Friend Day for October 12th.  This event is an opportunity for grandparents and friends of the family to attend morning meeting and a few classes in a student's schedule.  Invitations will be going out soon, but in case we don't have an address for someone who might attend, feel free to send information to Jennifer Godar at 

I sent a note separately about making sure you have set up your Schoology account.  Teachers will begin sending progress reports as early as this weekend and by mid-week, and you will only receive those reports through Schoology.  We try to send those reports for every student several weeks prior to the end of the 1st quarter so you will have time to discuss the information with your child and partner with teachers if your child is having difficulties.

Good luck to our debate squad this weekend as they begin their tournament season!

Betsy asked me to remind you that picture proofs are due in her office by Sept 20th.

As promised, I talked to students on Tuesday morning about paying attention to their smartphone usage and cultivating healthy and responsible usage, and we followed up with advisory discussion on Thursday morning.  I am attaching the original letter I wrote to the students (and never sent!), as it is essentially a transcript of my presentation.  Don't feel obligated to read is just FYI.

Finally, we kick-started the morning with some music, free t-shirts, and volleyball in the gym before going off to 1st period.  We are celebrating our school's 20th anniversary this year, and we wanted to include the students early in this process.  We will get parents, alumni, and friends of the school involved in this celebration throughout the year, so stay tuned!

Have a great weekend.

Yours respectfully,

Dr. Schawang