Friday Letter

October 27, 2017

Dear Parents,

To this date, we have gathered $96,177 in pledges for the Seabury Fund...47% of our goal!  We have great momentum going into the last weeks of October.  This is the part of the fund drive when we rely on parent gifts to get us to our goal. Thanks to the generous challenge gift from senior parents and Seabury Fund Co-Chairs Steve and Moni Gray, any new gifts between now and November 15th will have double the impact!  If you still have your pledge card sitting on your counter in the sediment of unopened mail, please excavate it and send it in!  

Congratulations to our Cross-Country team for their showing at regional competition last week.  The girls varsity team will move on to State competition this weekend, and Henry Nelson will also go to State following his number one ranking at regionals!  Congratulations also to all of our soccer and volleyball players as they end their season.  It was a pleasure to watch their games this year!

Thanks to Ms. Lawrence and all of our singers last week for a great opening concert for the year!  Lessons & Carols will be here before you know it....

Next Friday, the Middle School theatre will present The Legend of Sleepy Hollow!, an adaptation of the classic Washington Irving story about a headless horseman and a nerdy English teacher--clearly characters that are solely the stuff of fiction.  I hope you can come out and enjoy this spooky production!

On Wednesday, senior Gabe Owings and Dr. Brunfeldt went to the Engineering Design Competition at the University of Kansas.  Gabe presented a robotic arm of his own invention and had the opportunity to engage the KU engineering faculty.  Current 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students should look forward to entering the contest next year.  The top prize is a $2000 scholarship to KU engineering.

Halloween is nigh.  Our Fall Carnival & Haunted House will occur tomorrow night.  The Carnival involves a collection of games and the Senior Haunted House (which is intended to be scary, so young children should enter at parental discretion).  Admission to the carnival is $10.  The Haunted House costs $6 per patron.  Proceeds from the event help to fund the sophomore, junior, and senior trips in April.  

On Halloween day, advising groups will present their entries during morning meeting in our annual Jack-O-Lantern carving contest.  Standouts will receive prizes such as Most Beautiful, Most Gruesome, and Best in Show.  Feel free to stop by in the morning and check out the unsettling display.  (Eat a light breakfast....)

And finally, on Halloween day, students are welcome to wear costumes to school.  I always ask students to be tasteful in their costumes--nothing offensive, too skimpy, or involving real weapons.  There will be a contest and prizes for winners at lunch time.  As always, thanks to parents for accommodating the spirit of this macabre holiday, and I especially appreciate the staff for tolerating a certain degree of lunacy during this very busy time of the year.

Alvamar Country Club is trying to get out the word that the road (called "Birdie Way") through the golf course between 15th street and 23rd street has been completely shut off, so if you are used to taking that route to get to school, you will need to take the long way to campus next week.

Finally, it was great to see so many parents here for conferences this week.  As a teacher, I always enjoy talking to parents and sharing information about their children.  I hope the students and the staff enjoy an extra day to their weekends!

Yours respectfully,

Dr. Schawang