Friday Letter

October 20, 2017

Dear Parents:

To this date, we have gathered $83,690 in pledges to the Seabury Fund!  We have great momentum going into the last weeks of October.  This is the part of the fund drive when we rely on parent gifts to get us to our goal, so if you still have your pledge card sitting on your counter in the sediment of unopened mail, please excavate it and send it in!

We are hosting a fall open house this Sunday from 2-4 pm.  This is a great opportunity for prospective parents and other community members to learn more about the school.  If you know a friend, neighbor, co-worker, or anyone else who might like to know more about Bishop Seabury Academy, please invite them to attend.  Here is a link to the invitation:

Parent-Teacher conferences are next week.  Our teachers are looking forward to answering your questions, receiving helpful information, and partnering with you to help your child be successful.  Remember that conferences will last 10 minutes with a 2-minute passing period.  Please don't be offended if a teacher cuts off the conference at the 10-minute mark--I ask them to keep a very strict schedule.  If you arrive late and miss a conference slot, you should contact the teacher about setting up a meeting on a different date or communicating by email or phone.

The deadline for students signing up for the France trip is November 6th.  Please contact Ms. Derby at to add your child's name or for more information. 

Our Seahawk Days have been a great success.  We had a big group of energetic 5th graders and a few older students visiting the school this week.  When Ms. McCaffrey asks in morning meeting who remembers their own Seahawk Day visit, a sea of hands shoot up into the air.  Almost every student begins their Seabury experience with this event, so it is an important day!  As much as I enjoy greeting our future Seahawks, I am equally impressed to see our students acting as ambassadors.  They did a great job this week!

If you or your child has been waiting for the opportunity to learn how to play the game of Bridge, now is your chance.  Alum parent Melissa Moore is a member of the Kaw Valley Bridge Club, and she asked me to extend this invitation:

I keep meaning to say that one of our new parents left a light beige-colored sweater at the new parent orientation in August.  Please let me know if it is yours!

Yours respectfully,

Dr. Schawang