Friday Letter

October 11, 2019

Dear Parents,

As always, it was a pleasure to see you in the hallways during conferences.  Thanks for your patience with our altered campus.  (I am just relieved that we didn't have thunderstorms!)  Next year, our campus experience will be climate controlled.  Please remember that conferences are only one "touch" moment to partner with faculty.  You should always feel free to reach out to a teacher or schedule a meeting to talk about your child.

A big thank you to BSAP hospitality parents who provided the teachers with snacks and meals during conferences: Judi Harris, Kim Rack, Sarah Borjas, and Kate & Rafael Gonzalez (Global Cafe).  You kept us going! 

The Seabury Fund is off and running!  The Seabury Fund is the way that our school--and every independent school--closes the gap between tuition revenue and the cost of operating the school.  This year, the gap for each student is $1312.  That means the school has to find a way to cover that gap in the cost of educating each Seabury child.  Fortunately, we look not only to our parents but to the entire community to help us cover that cost.  Your participation in the Seabury Fund is vital to filling that gap.  Please send in your pledge! 

Congratulations to Faith Hedges on being named Lawrence Journal-World Athlete of the Week!  Good luck to Faith as she represents Seabury at KSHSAA State Golf Regionals competition on Monday.

Next Thursday and Friday will be our first Seahawk Days.  Many of your children will remember this annual visit day as their first introduction to Seabury, and these are important recruitment days for our school.  Area 5th graders will get a glimpse into Seabury academics and student life.  Parent word-of-mouth is our best marketing.  If you know any students who would thrive at Seabury but may not have considered our school as an option, please contact Ms. McCaffrey and let her know!  You can also feel free to share this link directly with prospective families: 

Ms. Lawrence and our Seabury musicians are looking forward to performing for you next Friday at the Fall Tapestry Concert.  Please remember that we hold this program at the First United Methodist Church, West Campus.  I know we all look forward to hearing these talented students. 

If you are surprised that Fall Break falls on a Monday and Tuesday this year, I do understand.  The short explanation for this year's odd scheduling is that I needed to accommodate conflicts with the KSHSAA athletics calendar and our important annual Seahawk Visit Days (which coincide with conferences at our peer schools).  However, it is my intention (beginning next year) to schedule fall break to occur right after conferences.  That is, no classes would occur on Thursday due to the final day of conferences, and then students and faculty would also have Friday and Monday off.  I believe this plan will be most satisfactory to all parties because families can plan for fall trips and staff can have a well-deserved break following conferences.  Thanks for your patience with this one unusual year.

The colder weather is upon us.  We have quite a few sick kids and staff members.  I hope the extended weekend will be a good thing for everyone.  Get some rest!

Yours respectfully,

Dr. Schawang