Friday Letter

November 2, 2018

Dear Parents,

The Seabury Fund total jumped up to $90,460 this week!  I am very grateful that we are making good progress towards our goal, but we aren't there yet.  We have 100% participation from trustees and staff.  That's fantastic!  Parent participation is at only 14% to date, and we need more family support.  If you have postponed sending in your gift or pledge, please do so now.  (You can also use this link: Support the Seabury Fund today).  And thanks again to all who have contributed so far!   

We hope you can attend tonight's Middle School production of The Canterbury Tales.  Admittedly less bawdy than Chaucer's original stories (you may remember the cheeky Miller's Tale), the play is a very funny and quirky piece that should be very entertaining.  With our young actors, how could it not be?  "Break-a-Leg" to our actors!

And next week, the Upper School actors will present The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged).  If that title frightens you, remember it is the "abridged" version.  This play is a modern classic of theatre comedy, directed by Mr. Weaver and full of wacky humor.  Whether you know Shakespeare's plays or not, you will be laughing.

Congratulations to Henry Nelson for taking 3rd place at the Kansas State Cross-Country Championship Tournament!  And congratulations to Ms. Lawrence and her musicians for another great fall concert.  They are already working on music for Lessons & Carols.....

Don't forget the BSAP Fall Program Night: Mental Health First Aid--for Parents next week at the GCSAA.  Leave your children at home, and enjoy some useful information and some time to meet with fellow parents. 

FBLA is hosting a clothing exchange/sale on November 15th-16th from 3:30-5:30 pm.  Students are invited to donate convocation-appropriate or winter formal clothing (that they've outgrown or no longer want) prior to November 12th and receive $1 or $3 off a purchase of clothing at the sale. This is the perfect opportunity to get formal clothing at very reasonable prices. Most clothing will sell between $5 and $25.  

A big thanks to Amy & Eric Schumaker for hosting the Harvest Moon Party last week.  It was a great event!

For those of you who plan to attend the Nine Miles @ Night run tomorrow, please remember that no on runs without submitting a signed waiver (with parent signature).  Feel free to print off a copy (attached).

And thanks also to Bill Gollier, the student senate, the seniors, Betsy, and other staff members who helped organize the Fall Carnival, the Haunted House, and other ghoulish events this week.  And I hope you were able to see at least the photos of our advising pumpkins on display.  To be honest, it is not easy to maintain these Halloween traditions.  They can be exhausting.  I occasionally ask myself whether it would be easier to stick to "business as usual" on these days.  However, when I see students and teachers at work on pumpkins or hear about how excited the seniors are to put their haunted house together, I remember why we go to this trouble.  (I send a picture of my advising pumpkin to my advising alumni every year and always get ecstatic responses.  They still have vivid memories of their own involvement in these antics.)  Play is a valuable part of what we do, and it works certain muscles that are necessary to fully-formed human beings.  The problem-solving, creativity, and collaborative work of the students over the last week have benefits not only in the classroom but are also ends in themselves. 

But, boy, have we earned a weekend off!  And the end of daylight savings.  Enjoy that extra hour!

Yours respectfully,

Dr. Schawang