Friday Letter

May 18, 2018

Dear Parents,

Good luck to our singers and musicians tonight at Applause, the Seabury spring concert.  Ms. Lawrence and her performers will focus on the theme of "break-up" songs.  These are some talented kids, and Ms. Lawrence always does a great job with her concerts.  I hope that you can come and enjoy the performance at First United Methodist Church, West Campus.

Stepping-Up and Commencement is one week away.  At this point, students should know what appropriate dress is for formal events, but many still need the discerning eye of an adult before they walk out the front door in the morning.  Students' attire should be appropriate for a business or religious occasion and should be on the conservative side. Appropriate attire would include suits or jackets/pants with a tie, dress shoes and dark socks, skirts/blouses, and/or dresses. Please do not choose outfits that are too casual (worn or torn garments, bare shoulders, low cuts, beach shoes).  It is truly impressive to see all of our students in their formal attire.  Stepping Up is a moment of great pride for all of us.  I hope you can attend.

Next week is finals.  Only a few classes do not have a final exam, and students should know if this is the case; nonetheless, I have attached the finals schedule if you need to verify.  Even if your child does not have an exam in a particular final slot, the Commons will be available as a study space for them, so feel free to drop them off by 8 am and pick them up at noon (or 1 pm for singers) if that is more convenient for you.

During finals preparation, I encourage parents to help their children find a quiet place to study, preferably without phones or other distractions.  Not every hour of study is useful, and much depends upon the quality of student focus.  Following Wednesday's morning final, all students should be present at 10 am in the Commons for final announcements, set-up for Stepping Up, and Seabury Palooza.  Palooza is free.  All students get lunch and Tad's ice, plus other treats.  Palooza should end by 12:30.

It is crucial that I have all students present for Stepping Up practice on Thursday morning.  After this practice, students will finish cleaning out their lockers and will spend the rest of their time (before pick-up) signing each other's yearbook inserts.  The yearbooks themselves will be provided in August.

Due to preparations next week, the school will likely close as early as 3 pm each day and by noon on Friday.  Please plan to pick up students after they are finished with events at school or arrange for students to get a ride home with another family.

Our final dress down opportunity for students is next week.  For $5, they may dress down for all of finals.  As always, proceeds help fund our class trips next year. 

Congratulations to all of our spring athletes for their hard work this season--and specifically to Ella Blake who qualified today for KSHSAA State Swimming Championship Finals tomorrow!  Fans who want to go see Ella swim can hop on the school van which leaves campus at 8:45 am sharp!  Email if you would like to go!

Congratulations to the cast of Once Upon a Mattress and to director Mr. Weaver for a great show last week!  Congratulations also to our 7th grade student senate representatives: Jason Meschke and Edie Patterson!

Next year during spring break, our students will have the opportunity to travel to a new destination: China!  It is never too early to start planning for this opportunity.  If your child is interested and would like information, please contact Ms. Czarnecki at  A flyer is attached.

We need volunteers to keep our school's chickens and vegetables happy this summer.  Any students who would like to help (and earn some community service hours) should sign up here:

Betsy asked me to remind you to complete and send back to her the yellow enrollment envelopes she provided you last week. 

Again, I hope you can join us next Friday to celebrate our students and especially our graduating seniors.  However, if you can't make it, I will include a transcript of the Stepping Up ceremony in next week's Friday Letter.

Yours respectfully,

Dr. Schawang