Friday Letter

May 1, 2020

Dear Parents,

Happy May Day!  You thought you were getting a bouquet of flowers, but instead, all you get is this lousy Friday Letter!

Speaking of letters, Ms. Czarnecki and the Student Senate are organizing a student letter-writing campaign to Thank a Healthcare Worker.  Students are encouraged to write decorative messages of support and gratitude to healthcare personnel at regional hospitals.  Students can mail their letters to school in another envelope.  Deadline is Friday, May 8th.  (See attached flyer.)

An article in the Wall Street Journal this week noted that many school districts have been unable to sustain their online learning programs because of the strain on teachers, students, and parents.  There is no question that this process of transitioning from on-campus to online learning has been a staggering undertaking for schools, and many have found it too unwieldy to maintain a substantive educational program.  Plus, is there a time of the year that is more exhausting for faculty and students?  I am very proud of the tremendous work of the Seabury faculty & staff in successfully navigating the array of challenges involved in this process, and I commend students and parents for being patient and strategizing on their end to learn a new way of learning.  

Because of their size and strong community relationships, independent schools have the considerable advantage of being nimble and adapting very quickly, making this transition more successful than it could have been.  And though we are only weeks from the end of the school year, teachers continue to fine-tune their methods of working with students, and I encourage parents to continue to reach out directly to teachers with questions or concerns.  As always, different students have different experiences and different needs, and we will do what we can to support them. 

As noted in a prior Friday Letter, please remember that we will not conduct final exams this semester.  We will conclude classes on the week of May 11th-15th and work with students to clean up any loose ends and missing work for a few days after that.  The faculty are presently working to spread out the due dates for any significant assignments on that last week.

Finally, we will announce the decisions of the prefect election at Monday's all-school meeting.  I look forward to congratulating those five individuals next week and working with them to lead the school next year!  I will have more to say about the 2020-21 school year in my next letter.

Have a good weekend and enjoy the warm, sunny weather!

Dr. Schawang