Friday Letter

March 29, 2018

Dear Parents,

I hope your students had a very restful spring break.  I wish we had returned to a sunnier and warmer spring, but hopefully the weather will brighten soon.  I am especially hopeful--for the sake of our spring sports--that we do not have quite the swampy spring that we had last year.  We will see!

Congratulations to our Chess team for taking 2nd place at the State Chess Tournament over the break! 

Congratulations to Thomas diZerega on making the Lawrence Journal World All-Area Boys Basketball Team and to Zach Bloch and Cobe Green for receiving honorable mention.

The FBLA team had a great day at the Student Leadership Conference in Topeka yesterday.  Congratulations to Hilary Griggs, Lindsey Hornberger, Morgan Orozco, and Olivia Wilhelm who advanced to final competition today--and good luck to them!

Finally, Madame Derby and I had a great time with the students in France.  They were an exceptional group of travelers.  I am glad that we are able to offer this opportunity to students.  We realize that international travel is an option that is financially out of reach for many families, and we do our best to keep costs down and offer some financial assistance to help make the trip possible for as many families as possible.  I hope that every student has the opportunity to be a part of one of these trips at least once during his or her time at Seabury.

Tonight, at the dinner table, I urge you to bring up the topic (without referencing me or this letter), "Is water wet?"  See what happens.

Have a good Easter weekend!

Yours respectfully,

Dr. Schawang