Friday Letter

January 11, 2019

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year to you all!  It is great to have the students back and to hear them in the hallways.  While they get back to work, we have our own work to get done....  Now that we are back from the holidays, our collective attention turns to the capital campaign to fund our campus expansion, and you will be hearing from me consistently until we reach our goal.

We have come a long way from 2002 when parents and friends of the school (and even the students themselves!) stepped up to raise nearly $3 million to create a new home at our present Clinton Parkway campus. We had 103 students at that time.  Those donors gave generously to secure a proper home for students and for future Seabury students.  Today, your children are the recipients of the generosity of those who came before you.  Now, with 223 students, we need to increase our size, our security, and our resources to maintain the quality of our school.

With nearly $3.3 million already pledged, we need to raise an additional $2.1 million dollars to hit our campaign goal of $5.4 million.  If we can hit this goal, we will start construction this summer for the good of our present students.  I am counting on every current parent to participate. I know you will do whatever you can to help us achieve this objective, and I am deeply appreciative!   Please click here for a printable pledge form.

Congratulations to Josh Meschke, Lyle Griggs, Audrey Nguyen-Hoang, and Morgan Orozco for taking the championship trophy at KSHSAA 4-Speaker Debate Regional competition in December.  Our debate squad left for KSHSAA Debate State Championship Tournament this morning.  Good luck to them! 

Congratulations to sophomore Lyle Griggs on being named one of the National WWII Museum’s Student Ambassadors for 2019.  Lyle placed as one of the top two contestants at the National History Day competition at the University of Maryland last summer.  Lyle will be one of ten U.S. high school students who will collect oral histories from WWII veterans, holocaust survivors, and other individuals around the country.

We will hold the school-level Spelling Bee for our middle school students on Monday.  It is our annual tradition for the entire school to watch this competition, and it is always a pleasure to watch our students cheer on the young competitors.  The winner will move on to the county competition.

As basketball season starts, I always remind students about the importance of good character and sportsmanship at games.  Student fans should support our teams (loudly) but never direct negative comments or noise towards the opposite team.  And our athletes should respect their competitors.  Neither spectators nor athletes should ever be talking back to referees.  I need parent spectators to follow the same expectations as those set for students.  I appreciate all parents focusing on cheering for our teams and maintaining a high and positive tone at all sporting events.  

On that note, I hope you can come out for the Veritas game tonight and cheer on our players--on the heels of a three-game sweep by our middle school teams last night.  Hopefully, the weather will hold!

Yours respectfully,

Dr. Schawang