Friday Letter

February 21, 2020

Dear Parents,

We had a very successful auction last weekend: everyone seemed to have a great time, and we surpassed our fund-raising goal!  It always takes a few weeks for the dust to settle as we clarify expenses and revenue, but I will send out our final numbers in a future Friday Letter!  Thanks to everyone who attended or helped put the auction together!

Congratulations to our Academic World Quest team for knocking out a huge victory, taking 1st place over 24 teams(!), including many powerhouse KC schools.  Teammates Lyle Griggs, Evan McHenry, Audrey Nguyen-Hoang, and Peter Westbrook will be traveling to Washington DC in April to compete at Nationals!

Congratulations to Seabury students who placed in last week's District 1 History Day. 

Junior Division:

Hugh Griggs, 1st  Individual Website

Adelle Speiss, 1st  Individual Documentary

Eliza Brockhoff, 1st Individual Performance


Senior Division:

Noah Luke, 2nd Individual Performance

Pancho Metz, 2nd Historical Paper

Valene McInerney, 1st Historical Paper 


Also, Marie Brockhoff's essay entry won honorable mention in the Olive Ann Beech Kansas Factual Story contest, sponsored by the Native Sons and Daughters of Kansas.  Great work!

Congratulations also to the cast of the Wizard of Oz, following a successful week of touring.  A fun show!  And next weekend the Upper School performers take the stage for a student-directed showcase of The Duck Variations by David Mamet.  This is a very funny, very odd play written in the early 70's: a long one-act broken into 14 variations. Four student directors--Emma Silvestri, Alex Porter, Alesia Brovtcyna and Shelby Esmond--have directed sections of it. Experimental and thought-provoking, this will be an interesting evening of theatre! 

As a rule, the school avoids any sort of fund-raising for programs outside of Seabury, electing instead to provide labor to help support causes.  One of the few exceptions is our annual senior-led Penny War to support the fight against Lymphoma.  Advising groups have boxes on display in the gym and are encouraged to put their spare change (positive points) or bills (negative points) into respective boxes.  The advising group with the lowest points will cook breakfast for the group with the highest points.  All for a good cause!  The Penny War ends on Wednesday.

Father Rob's chapel this week was a continuation of the theme, "How do we see God in our daily lives."  This week, he spoke about the importance of being open to messages from God through other people.  Sometimes, we need reminders from those around us to be our better selves.  (As we sit in the dead of February, this is a good reminder!)

The new BSA Chronicle came out yesterday.  Check it out at

Finally, I hope your children can come out for Casino Night tonight.  I hope they all have a great time, and thanks to BSAP for hosting the event!


Yours respectfully,

Dr. Schawang