Friday Letter

February 16,2018

Dear Parents,

I am looking forward to seeing many of you at next week's Auction, Celebrate Seabury 20!  This year's event will be held at the Jayhawk Club.  This year's auction is not just a fund-raiser but also a celebration of the school's twenty years, and our guest list is over 280 people (the biggest in our history).  It is great to see on our guest list so many parents, alumni, founders, and trustees from across these two decades.  It should be a truly wonderful and exciting event!

This year's Fund-A-Need will ask guests to raise paddles to answer several needs: improved acoustics in our gymnatorium for performances, an additional van to help with various student transportation needs, new furniture for school social spaces, and two new trophy cases (we keep racking them up!).  And, as always, a portion of the funds will provide tuition assistance next year for qualifying families.

I hope your children had a great time on Headmaster's Holiday today.  The manager at Main Event (the location for today's trip) pulled me aside and told me our students were impressively courteous and good-natured.  I hear this almost every year.  No doubt you will be happy to hear an end to the chorus of speculation about HH!  Now, we are on the fast-track to spring break....

Every year, our middle school performers produce a show for younger audiences and then embark on a tour of area elementary schools.  Ms. Jennifer Glenn and her cast will be presenting the literary classic The Wind and the Willows for Seabury students and parents on Monday night in the Commons before they take the show out on the road to Hillcrest, Cordley, the Century School, and the Lawrence Arts Center.  We hope you can come out to enjoy our young actors and to give them a taste of audience participation!

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in History Day on Tuesday, and thanks to all of the parents, students, and teachers who helped judge and support the event.  Project-based learning takes time, effort, and polish, but this sort of work tends to make the most impact on student learning long-term.  Thanks especially to Ms. Czarnecki and Ms. Asher for running the school event.  The following students achieved a "superior" rating:

Junior Division:

Noah Luke, Historical Paper

Edie Patterson, Historical Paper

Sofia Gonzalez, Individual Exhibit

Ben Barnett and Enzo Karam, Group Exhibit

Cooper Bullock, Individual Documentary

Senior Division:

Lyle Griggs, Individual Website

Audrey Nguyen-Hoang, Individual Website

Morgan Orozco, Individual Exhibit

Peter Westbrook, Historical Paper

Matthew Petillo, Individual Documentary

Evan McHenry, Individual Documentary 

Thanks to Jennifer Martello, Penny Eckert, and BSAP parents for putting together Casino Night.  The kids had a great time!

Many parents and students were involved in discussions last year about challenges we face with our physical facilities in the face of increasing enrollment.  Since then, the board of trustees and staff have examined how future changes to the campus might support the exceptional work of our teachers and students.  These conversations continue, and we look forward to announcing plans for future campus developments when the time is right.

Have a great weekend!

Yours respectfully,

Dr. Schawang