Friday Letter

December 8, 2017

Dear Parents,

I look forward to seeing you at Lessons & Carols tonight.  Remember that the event is at the First United Methodist Church (946 Vermont). 

As you know, final (or "midterm") exams for the semester will occur on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of next week.  In those few instances where students do not have an in-class final exam, they are welcome to study quietly at tables set up in the commons.  (Your students should know if they have a final in a particular class, but I have attached a list of all finals with room numbers for your convenience.)  We expect students will be picked up at the completion of the finals periods, and no lunch will be served.

As always, I encourage students to maintain an effective study environment when preparing for finals--namely shutting off phones and avoiding online distractions.  I encourage you to check in on them (especially younger students) to see HOW they study, which is just as important as the duration of their work.  (And distracted studying is less effective and always takes longer.)  They also should get appropriate sleep the night before exams (as their brains do a lot of work while they are snoozing).  Hopefully, this will be a good opportunity for students to wrap their arms around their course material and see the "big picture."

Every year, Ms. Barbour has her 6th graders participate in NaNoWriMo (National Writing Month Project), each of them writing an entire novel!  I love to walk by Ms. Barbour's classroom and see all of our youngest authors hard at work!  The students will have an Author's Reception at Signs of Life on Massachusetts on Wednesday night.  Congratulations to our novelists!

The Winter Formal is Saturday night at the Eldridge Hotel.  This is the premiere student event of the year.  As I noted last year, the students are more comfortable when parents are not "parked" in the lobby, but I hope you will be able to get a look at the finery when you drop off and pick up the kids (and many parents congregate in the Jayhawker for a drink or a late dinner).  Just don't try to out-dress the students.  It simply isn't possible!  If you have any questions about the Formal, please feel free to contact Mr. Gollier at

Every year, the Lion's Club hosts a Peace Poster Contest, and from our student participants, Enzo Karam took 3rd place, Helena Gutierrez-Gibbs took 2nd, and Beck Oldridge took 1st.

Seventh-grader Beck Oldridge and parent and soccer coach Joe Comparato will be performing at two all-ages benefits on Sunday, December 10th at the Granada and Lucia Beer Garden.  Proceeds from the event will help cover medical costs for Lawrence musician and music teacher Michael Hamm who recently suffered a brain aneurysm.  To learn more about the event, go to  Good luck to these musicians!

Erin Jeanne McDowell is a former Seabury student and now a baker and author in New York.  I just spied a review of her recent book in a recent edition of the New York Times:  Take a look!

You should have received enrollment contracts for next year in the mail.  Do not feel like you need to send these in before the new year.  We send them now because many parents appreciate early notice for their planning.

I hope you all have a very peaceful and happy winter break and a Merry Christmas!

Yours respectfully,

Dr. Schawang