Friday Letter

August 31, 2018

Dear Parents,

It doesn't take long for students to get busy, busy, busy.  I spoke with the upper-school students this morning about one skill that will become increasingly important to them as they move towards college: time management.  I know they communicate with you every night about how they are doing and the specifics of their school work and daily schedule, right?  I realize adolescents are not always inclined towards open communication with parents, but I encourage them to speak openly with you, staff members, or peers about how to manage academic workload, activities and social time--and still find time for adequate rest.  My first bit of advice for students is always the same: find a quiet study environment free of distractions (especially phones). 

Related to this issue of balancing workload, I am always very proud of our students who demonstrate academic success while investing in school activities.  However, the first priority at Seabury is always academic success.  For this reason, the Community Handbook includes a clause on athletic eligibility that reads as follows:  "Students who participate in interscholastic sports must be passing all classes (D- or above) in order to participate in games.  The Director of Athletics and Dean of Students will be informed of eligibility on a weekly basis."  In the event that a student is no longer passing a course, that student will have a grace period of one day to turn in any missing work or meet with teachers and/or Ms. Czarnecki to discuss a plan and report back to the relevant coach.

One of our educational objectives with students is to teach them to be engaged citizens in our democracy, and the upcoming election season offers many opportunities for them.  We have reached out to the election committees for both Steve Watkins and Paul Davis and invited representatives from each campaign to attend a morning meeting and speak with students about volunteerism and ways to get engaged in the political process.  We have Jacklyn Davis, the field coordinator for the Davis campaign visiting next Tuesday, and we hope to hear a response from the Watkins committee soon.   We have also invited the gubernatorial candidates (or campaign representatives) to visit Bishop Seabury.

We will have a parent informational meeting about the international trip to China.  The meeting is September 9th at 4 pm for anyone who is interested.  Some financial assistance is available for qualifying families, and the deadline for aid applications is September 14th with notification of awards by the end of September.

Enjoy the extended weekend!

Yours respectfully,

Dr. Schawang