Friday Letter

August 24, 2018

Dear Parents,

It was good to see so many of you at Curriculum Night.  For those of you who were not present for the announcement of the Building on Our Mission campaign and my review of designs for future campus expansion, you will all be receiving information from our Development Director Jenn Godar soon.  I hope you are all excited about the proposed changes to our facilities!

We have some new faces on the Seabury faculty this year: Mr. Ron Young in the math department and Mr. Jake Justice as debate teacher and coach.  Mr. Robert Evans has also joined the staff to teach 7th grade science until the return of Mr. Bryan in October.  We are very happy to have these new additions to our school!

Tonight is the Back-to-School Dance.  I have attached the rules for school dances.  Please make sure that students are picked up no later than 10:30 (unless they are on Student Senate and helping with clean-up).  I hope they have a good time!

Betsy is presently putting together the Green Book (an online directory that used to have a green cover when we made hard copies).  If you have specific information that has changed from last year or you don't wish to be included (cell phone, email, home address), please contact her at and let her know.

The 6th grade elected their student senate representatives this morning, and they are Hugh Griggs and Josie Kim.  Congratulations to our youngest student senators!

Have a great weekend!

Dr. Schawang