Friday Letter

August 17, 2018

Dear Parents,

For new and returning parents, it can be a challenge to streamline school-parent communications.  The Friday Letter is one method I use to reduce some of the glut of communication.  I will assume that all parents will read these letters each week, as information here may not be repeated elsewhere.  To create ease in reading, I bold-face the topics so you can read judiciously, and I will try to keep the wit to a minimum.

On Sunday, we will host our New Parent Orientation in the Commons from 4-5:30 pm.  New families, I hope that you can have at least one parent in attendance.  We will have an open house format with various tables so you can focus on getting the information you need.  At 3:30 pm, prior to the Orientation, Mr. Kellogg will be on hand to provide information specifically on tablets and technology.  This is an optional meeting for parents (new and returning); feel free to attend if you have questions.

Also on Sunday, for your convenience, our parent association (BSAP) will hold a clothing exchange starting before and ending after the orientation, so all parents--new and returning--will have the opportunity to donate or receive Seabury dress code wear and the occasional suit jacket.  All items are free. 

Thursday evening is Curriculum Night. This will be your opportunity to follow your student’s schedule, meet his or her teachers, and learn about course work. Parents often tell me this is one of the most important experiences of the year, and my favorite comment from parents is always the same: “I wish I had these classes when I was in high school.”  This year, we will begin Curriculum Night with a special announcement.  I hope you can attend.  I will send more info next week prior to the event.

The Parent Sports Information Meeting will occur at 6 pm in the Seabury gymnasium, prior to Curriculum Night.  Parents with student athletes will have the opportunity to hear from the Athletics Director Mr. Nelson and Seabury coaches about our fall sports offerings, practices, student health, and so forth.  Check out the athletics website for game schedules, and download the TeamStuff App if you haven't already done so.

Thanks to the Student Senate for helping to lead New and All-Student Orientation this week!  The first big Senate-led event of the year is the Back-to-School Dance, aka "the Rave."  Parents of the nineties, please do not be alarmed...this rave is a very safe and fun experience!  Although there will be glow sticks and black lights, Ms. Czarnecki and other adults will be on deck.  The cost of the dance is $5, and proceeds support other Senate-sponsored events throughout the year.  Please see Ms. Czarnecki if you have any questions: 

I expect that students will be picked up (or will drive home) at 3:30 pm each day unless they are involved in an after-school program.  Some parents have difficulty picking up students prior to 5 pm, and that is fine, but please be advised that students will not be supervised after 3:30 pm unless they are in school activities.  Also, it is crucial that those students be picked up no later than 5:15 pm, and if this isn't possible, please make arrangements for alternative transportation, perhaps with another family.

I hope your children have had a good first week of classes.  These first three days of classes can feel like a week, so I hope they get some rest this weekend.  Enjoy the fall sports kick-off this afternoon!

Yours respectfully,

Dr. Schawang