Friday Letter

April 5, 2019

Dear Parents,

In an earlier email today, I announced in more detail that the Board has voted to move forward with demolition and construction this summer.  I wanted our students to know about this decision first, so I made the announcement to them just after lunch.  They are very excited.  As I explained in my email, although it is important to begin building now, we still have a distance to go with our fundraising before we can fully pay for these improvements.  We definitely have the capacity to do this.  With our recent challenge grant, we raised $279,730 in one month!  Parent participation is sitting at 45%, and we need to get that number up.  If you haven't made your pledge yet, please do so!  And THANK YOU!!

Thanks to everyone for helping to accommodate last night's Seabury forensics tournament.  The students on our squad did an excellent job of running a very effective tournament.  And thanks to all parents who helped with hospitality and judging!

Spring sports are off to a good start this year.  Congratulations to Will Hedges who was named LJWorld Athlete of the Week after winning the Bonner Springs Golf Invitational! 

Congratulations to our students who competed at the 2A State Powerlifting Tournament last week.  Reaghan Bible took 2nd overall and 1st in clean, Tommy Warden took 4th overall and 1st in bench, and Chris Green, Scott Chieu, Brenner Gollier, Gus Greenhoot, and Sam Hindman all had personal bests.  

Our FBLA squad had a great showing at State competition this week.  Everyone who went to finals placed.  Chloe Akers took 1st in client service and 8th in public speaking, Cavan McCabe took 1st in Sales Presentation, Audrey Nguyen-Hoang took 1st in public speaking, Hilary Griggs took 2nd in business ethics, and Lyle Griggs took 6th in Impromptu speaking!  Chloe, Hilary, Cavan, and Audrey qualified to compete at nationals in San Antonio this summer.  Congrats to all!

We also received confirmation from the National Merit Scholarship program that Ella Blake, Jack Blonigen, and Hilary Griggs have been officially named NMS Finalists.  Congratulations to these seniors!

Good luck to our musicians as they head off to State Large Ensemble competition this weekend!

Thanks again to all who participated in our annual Auction.  After invoices, we netted a profit of $175,609.39 (which includes the $75,000 goal with this year's fund-a-need)!  This is amazing.  The auction proceeds will go to our operating costs and additional school needs that fall outside our regular expenses.  Thanks again to our auction co-chairs--Tree Hanna and Amy Shumaker--and the entire auction committee!  Incredible job!

I am looking forward to hosting the Avengers Movie Marathon tomorrow night.  If I can stay on schedule, we will watch the movies at 3:30, 6:15, and 9 pm with an intended conclusion at 11:30 pm.  (As I noted previously, students may arrive or leave whenever is most convenient for them and for you.)  As I told students, I am a serious movie watcher, so I expect they will be here to actually watch the movies (otherwise they should stay home!).  I will provide pizza and other snacks (I will do my best to sneak fruit and possibly some vegetables into the mix) but students may also bring their own food.  The event is free.  I strongly encourage students to bring pillows, blankets, bean bags, lawn chairs, and so forth for this grueling cinematic experience.  I counted 60 participants, so it should be a fun evening!

Finally, I undercut the excitement of the construction announcement with students today by immediately thereafter announcing that Monday is Headmaster's Holiday.  (And this, after really irritating the students by not calling it in morning....I understand that one student was actually crying!!)  Announcing HH three days in advance is inelegant, but I need students to know that there will be water-based activities involved, and they need to bring swimwear.  I know there will always be some students who don't enjoy swimming, so there will be other limited activities available.  The actual destination will not be revealed until we arrive there (though the students probably have a good idea....).  Students are welcome to bring money for additional snacks if they wish (and I can never promise that lunch will suit all dietary restrictions), but otherwise the day should not cost them anything.  Students should arrive on campus by 8:20 am (late start time) and will have activities or may be picked up as usual in the afternoon.  Thank you for your patience waiting for this Day of Days!

Have a great weekend!

Dr. Schawang