Friday Letter

February 2, 2018

Dear Parents,

Tonight is the Middle-School Movie Night with The Incredibles and Gremlins.  I will try to start as close to 6 pm as possible, and I will provide pizza and some snacks for dinner at that time.  (Students are of course welcome to bring their own edibles.)  Together, the movies run less than 4 hours, so students will be finished by 10 pm.  Students can arrive and leave (quietly) as needed but must remain in the commons to watch the films while they are on campus.  And once again, students are welcome to bring pillows, blankets, bean bags, lawn chairs, or some other comfortable furniture.  The Upper-School Movie Night is tomorrow at 6:30 pm.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Tomorrow is the Douglas County Spelling Bee.  Good luck to our Seabury champion, Lear Eicher!

Congratulations to our Chess team for taking 1st place at the Rockhurst High School K-8 Chess tournament last weekend!

Students in 7th, 9th & 11th grades will have their vision and hearing tested on Wednesday.  Students should be sure to have their glasses or contacts with them.

Parent-Teacher Conferences are next week.  Please consult the attached instructions for sign-up.  SIGN-UP MUST OCCUR PRIOR TO 3 PM TUESDAY THE 6TH!!!

This is the last call for volunteers for Casino Night on Saturday, February 10th.  Please contact Jennifer Martello at 785-979-6268 or if interested.  

Raising Cain's restaurant has been very good about holding occasional fund-raisers at their establishment where 15% of purchases get kicked back to support a Seabury program.  Next Thursday (8th), they will put those proceeds towards our 7th grade field trip to the Cosmosphere and Underground Salt Museum & Mine in Hutchinson.  (See attachment for details.)  Save yourself some cooking that night--and mention the fundraiser when you place your order!  Thanks!

I missed the students last week while I was at the annual ISACS Heads of School conference in Chicago, but I was glad to see them on my return.  I have discovered that they are watching my EVERY MOVE in morning meeting...anticipating a certain announcement...about a certain holiday.  As Oscar Wilde once wrote, "The suspense is killing me..... I hope it will last!"

Have a good weekend!


Dr. Schawang