The Bishop Seabury Association of Parents (BSAP) exists for the purpose of supporting and enriching school life at Bishop Seabury Academy by fostering strong relationships among the school, parents, teachers, and staff.

We want parents to be fully invested in the education of their children and to feel welcome and involved. 

All parents, guardians or adults standing in loco parentis with students currently enrolled at Bishop Seabury Academy are "automatically" members of BSAP.

The BSAP Committees play a large role at Bishop Seabury Academy through sincere engagement, active volunteering and financial support. A description of committees is listed below along with the BSAP email.

BSAP would love to have you involved in volunteer opportunities in any way!


For more BSAP information - contact our

President, Adrienne Karam or Vice President, Cody Ross.


BSAP Committees

Arts Committee

This committee works with the staff partners in the Dramatic Arts, Music Arts, and Visual Arts departments by organizing events and activities related to the theater productions, choral concerts, and art projects.

Community Giving Committee

This committee manages BSAP fund-raising by processing orders for grocery cards, receipts for receipt programs and organizes gift card fundraisers using Scrip. All of these efforts provide much needed income for BSAP.

Grounds Committee

This committee helps to create a pleasant outdoor area for Bishop Seabury with both student and adult participation. The Grounds Committee organizes routine Work Days throughout the year to do general clean up and maintenance around the campus.

Hospitality Committee

This committee is at the front-line of helping host Grandparent's Day and Stepping Up. Hospitality Committee creates a welcoming environment by organizing, staging, and providing refreshments.

Social Committee

This committee works to organize various events throughout the year that promote community and school spirit. Some of the favorite student events are the Fall Sports Kick-off, Nine Miles at Night, Late Night, Casino Night, and Palooza.


Staff Appreciation  Committee

This committee supports BSAP by organizing ways to show staff and teacher appreciation. Once a year, funds are collected from families during the winter holiday season and are presented to all the faculty and staff at BSA. Appreciation is also shown for all staff during spring and fall Parent/Teacher Conferences as well as the first week of May for Teacher Appreciation Week.  

Program Committee

This committee works with BSA staff to plan, organize, and promote two parent programs per year. These Program Nights offer an opportunity for learning and social time for parents and teachers.

Contact BSAP at: