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Your sponsorship of BSAP will assist in supporting the many events listed below. In the notes section of PayPal, you can specifically designate an event you would like to sponsor.  Just say- I would like to buy pizza for the Upper School Play or I would like to get mulch for the Grounds Committee and BSAP will make this happen. We will send you an email to confirm your request.

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To all Chairs and Co-chairs for giving their time, talent and energy to BSAP activities!




Fall Music Concert    October 26

P/T Conference Staff Lunch     October 11



Fall Program Night    

Mental Health First Aid for Youth
November 5,  6 - 8 pm
Golf Course Superindintents Building (GCSAA)
1421 Research Park Dr, Lawrence, KS 66049
Nine Miles @ Night   November 3      7:30 pm Check In & 8:00 pm Start time

Join us for a night of fun along the North Lawrence Mountain Bike Trail. Walk or run, it's up to you. We've got loops for everyone. Go the whole 8+ miles or keep it short and do the 3-mile loop instead. This is a beginner level sand and dirt trail with small climbs. The course will be marked with ribbon. There will be fire pits, s'mores, and much more at this lively family event. Glow gear will be provided but don't forget to bring a flashlight or headlamp with good batteries. A water bottle is also a must for long course participants.

For additional information, to order a Nine MIles @ Night t-shirt or check out the trail go to:


BSAP Committee Meeting on November 13 @ 7pm
Late Night @ BSA    November 16th 


Holiday Fund


January  2019

BSAP Committee Meeting on January 8 @ 7pm



BSAP Committee Meeting on February 5 @ 7pm

P/T Conference Staff Lunch    February 8

Casino Night February 9

Spring Program Night    February 21


Upper School Play



BSAP Committee Meeting on April 2 @ 7pm



BSAP Committee Meeting on May 7 @ 7pm

Teacher Appreciation Day

Spring Music Concert

All School Play


Stepping Up Stage Set-up (morning before Stepping Up)

Stepping Up Refreshments     May 24