Friday Letter

August 25, 2017

Dear Parents,

I hope you were able to attend the Curriculum Night yesterday evening.  It was good to see so many parents at the school, and I hope this final "opening" event gave you a good glimpse into your children's daily schedules. 

A quick word about drop-off & pick-up procedure in the parking lot (aimed at making everyone happier).  In the morning, please make sure students are ready to hop out of the car with their bags so they don't hold up the drop-off line.  If you are not in the front of the line and have dropped off your child, please feel free to move into the left lane and carefully drive ahead.  And if students are walking to school, they should be careful to use sidewalks and not walk through our neighbors' private property.  At the end of the day, please make sure that you have made plans with your children about the time of pick-up so we can keep cars from backing up.  Parents are always welcome to park in the parking lot if there is no exact pick-up time planned.

Tonight is the Back-to-School Dance.  I have attached the rules for school dances.  Please make sure that students are picked up no later than 10:30 (unless they are on Student Senate and helping with clean-up).  I hope they have a good time!

Betsy is presently putting together the Green Book (an online directory that used to have a green cover when we made hard copies).  If you have specific information that you don't wish to be included (cell phone, email, home address), please contact her at and let her know.

Madame Derby and I will be chaperoning students on the spring break international trip to France in March.  We will have a parent informational meeting on September 6th, 6:30-7:30 pm for anyone who is interested but not yet signed up.  (You don't need to attend if you came to the meeting last spring.)  Some financial assistance is available for qualifying families, and the deadline for aid applications is September 22nd with notification of awards by end of September.

The 6th grade elected their student senate representatives this morning, and they are Hayden Slough and Sage McHenry.  Congratulations to these student senators at the beginning of their illustrious political career!

After a week under our belts (and no more solar eclipses), students and teachers are getting into a more comfortable routine (even if we are finding it harder to drag our tired bodies out of bed in the morning).  I hope you and your children enjoy what looks to be a beautiful weekend.

Yours respectfully,

Dr. Schawang