11th Grade Supply List

11th Grade Supply List


Small (approx. 6"x8") unlined sketchbook


Notebook and folder


Notebook and folder


Notebook and folder

Advanced Chmistry

College Ruled Composition Book

3-ring notebook-- Thin -- Recycled is fine. No need for new

Genetics and Biotechnology

1 box of 50 nitrile or vinyl gloves (not latex!)

composition notebook (for this class only)

pens (black and red) and pencils

folder or binder (may be shared with other classes)

graphing calculator

water bottle

Wilderness Biology

Permanently bound composition book (wide/college rule - for science class only); black pens and pencils, 3-ring binder & loose-leaf paper (may be shared with other classes); shoes suitable for hiking & mud; rain & wind resistant jacket.

PreCalculus and Calculus

Graphing calculator (TI 83 or 84) and graph paper and notebook just for math.


One composition notebook - sewn binding, not glued - to be used for ESL Only