Community Service


Faculty Coordinators: Bill Gollier (  and Margie Lawrence (

Participating in community service is an important part of Seabury life. Service connects students to the local and global community. It creates a stronger personal identity and integrity, and it brings the student body together. Service projects also introduce students to important social issues and give them the chance to make a difference in society. Ideally, students who experience community service in school will continue to be involved in their communities as adults.

Beginning in the Fall of 2014, incoming students to grade 6-8 will need to accumulate 20 hours (roughly per year) totaling 60 hours while in Middle School. All students that enrolled prior to this year are still required to earn 20 hours (roughly per year) totaling 60 hours while in Middle School. Their requirements do not change.

Upon entering High School, students need to accumulate 30 hours (roughly per year) totaling 120 hours.

At the point of enrollment is when the community service hours start rolling.

For example:


6th Grade 20 HOURS
7th Grade 20 HOURS
8th Grade 20 HOURS
Freshman 30 HOURS
Sophomore 30 HOURS
Junior 30 HOURS
Senior 30 HOURS

Students enrolled in Seabury at 6th grade and graduate in 12th grade will need to accumulate a total of 180 hours through the course of their academic career. At whatever point a student enrolls is when the accumulation of hours begin.

The projects can be of the student’s choosing and can include service work at Seabury, in Lawrence, or in the larger state, national, or international community. A project will count toward a student’s community service hours IF the work is not for self-benefit, involves no payment to the student, and is not required by a teacher, parent, or other authority. The project must also be considered appropriate by the school’s Service Coordinator.

Students are encouraged to keep current with their community service hours, for no student will receive a diploma until his or her service obligations have been met.

Students and their parents should visit the Community Service link on Seabury’s web site for more details and for frequently updated information about service opportunities.

Seabury Service Award given to a Seabury Senior who exemplifies what it means to  “promote a sense of responsibility for self and respect for others as members of the community.”

  • Required amount of service hours upon graduation
  • Has completed their senior service project and turned in their reflection
  • Has shown leadership in service projects throughout their High School years at Seabury
  • Has aided the Service coordinators in organizing projects
  • Has been a leader in getting younger students involved in service
Entering Service Hours on the Seabury website:

1.  Go to for the website

2.  In the right-hand corner find Community Service

3.  Click and scroll down to Service Hours Forms

4.  Fill out the form and click submit at bottom of page.


Keep up-to-date on Service Opportunities!




Part of the vision of Bishop Seabury Academy is “to promote a sense of responsibility for self and respect for others as members of the community.”  The Academy believes that community service is a crucial aspect of building this respect.  Service connects every student to the local and global community, engenders a greater sense of identity and integrity, and unifies the student body.  Furthermore, service projects introduce students to important social issues and give them the opportunity to participate and to create improvements in the greater society.  Ideally, this continued and consistent service obligation will generate in the student a positive orientation towards community involvement and a sense of civil responsibility.



Service Hours:

  1. Any project—local or international—will count towards the hour requirement if it fulfills all of the following requirements:
    1. It is not for self-benefit including work done for a grade or financial benefit.
    2. It requires more than 30 minutes to complete.
    3. It requires suitable effort or engagement.
    4. The action is approved by the Community Service Director, Bill Gollier.
  2. Each service effort must be submitted via the Online Form on this site.  All fields must be completed.
  3. Seniors who graduate without completing 30 hours of service total for each of their years at Seabury will have their diplomas withheld until those hours are accomplished.

How Students can check their Community Service Hours                                                                                                                                                                In Renweb you can click on the Family information link, then click on your name. You will see a tab on the right side labeled "Service Hours".