Visual Arts

Visual Arts Curriculum
Here at Bishop Seabury we firmly believe in the benefits of developing a well-rounded student who can acquire the ability to comfortably progress from one experience of learning to another.

The primary objective of the visual arts program is to develop visual literacy while building confidence in visual self-expression and developing creative problem solving skills. Whether or not students wish to pursue art as a profession, they can still greatly benefit from exposure to the historical significance and cultural influences of art, as well as from the challenges of art production.

6th-Grade Art is designed to help every student at this age experience a satisfactory measure of success, personal growth, and increased confidence in their creative and artistic abilities, while making connections with other areas of discipline.  Students will be introduced to basic art terminology, practice fundamental drawing skills, and be made aware of compositional elements. 

CHAD 7 is a required nine-week course for seventh graders which presents fundamental concepts, terminology, historical and cultural perspectives, and introductory techniques through a variety of mostly two-dimensional projects.

CHAD 8 is a required nine-week course for eighth graders which reinforces and expands on the design principles learned in CHAD 7. Three-dimensional work is explored in the form of additive and subtractive sculptural projects.

Art 9 is an elective semester or year-long course. Students are introduced to ceramics and metalsmithing in addition to widening their drawing and painting skills. Historical content and cultural aspects of particular projects further enrich student knowledge.

Advanced Art is also an elective semester or year-long course which can be taken multiple times by sophomores, juniors and seniors. It is preferred that the prerequisite classes be taken before entering this class. Expectations are higher for the more serious-minded student, and the longer term assignments are more sophisticated.

Laura Porter
B.F.A., Design, University of Kansas, 1982
B.A., Arts Education, 1986
Date Appointed: 2005


Field Trips
Students at Bishop Seabury Academy have multiple opportunities to visit art museums, private collections, studios, galleries and any other venue where artwork may be featured or produced.

Special Activities
The Raku field trip has become an annual tradition for Advanced Art students. Students get to experience the western version of Raku firing, which provides excitement, the opportunity for experimentation, and a creative outdoor experience yielding beautiful ceramic pieces.

Whenever possible, Seabury art students may participate in art and poster contests. In the past we have participated in the Lion’s Club Peace Poster Contest and a Recyclable Art Contest where we brought home second in state competition, and first place in Lawrence, respectively.

Students are also encouraged to compete for the cover design of the Bishop Seabury annual Christmas card.


Student artwork is displayed continuously throughout the school. Art students participate in labeling, arranging and hanging student work. BSA artwork may be displayed in community venues as opportunities arise.