Theatrical Arts

Bishop Seabury 2017-2018 Theatre Season Dates
Middle School Play: Legend of Sleepy Hollow (6th thru 9th Grade)
Auditions:  Mon/Tue Sept 11 & 12     3:40-5pm
Performance:    Fri.  Nov 3  7:30pm
High School Play:     Play On!  (10-12th Grade)
Auditions:  Tue/Wed  Sept 19 & 20     3:40-5pm
Performances:  Fri/Sat  Nov 10 & 11   7:30pm     (Strike Sun 12th Noon)
Middle School Touring Play:     TBD     (6-9th Grade)
Auditions: Thu/Fri  Jan 4 & 5     3:40-5pm
Home Show Performance:  Mon Feb 19     7:30pm in Commons
Tour:  Mon-Fri     Feb 19-23
Upper School Play:     Night For Actors II  (10-12th Grade)
Auditions:  Mon/Tue  Jan 8 & 9     3:40-5pm
Performances: Fri/Sat  Mar 2 & 3     7:30pm in Commons
All School Musical:  Once Upon a Mattress     6-12th Grade
Auditions:  Mon-Wed  Mar 5-7     3:40-5pm
Performances:  Fri/Sat  May 11 & 12   7:30pm     (Strike Sun 13th  Noon)
Bishop Seabury Academy Theatre aims to produce challenging scripts – whether classical or modern, humorous or tragic…natural or fantastical. Through their course work and production, these students are encouraged to become articulate and powerfully expressive actors, students and human beings.
Doug Weaver
M.A. Theatre, Michigan State University, 1993
B.G.S. Theatre, University of Kansas, 1981
Phoenix Award for Performing Arts, 2009
Date Appointed: 2007


7th/8th Grade: Drama

These nine-week courses emphasize public behavior, public speaking, games and play more than acting. First and foremost, students in these classes are not graded on skills/talent that they manifest entering the class. For grading purposes, focus is primarily on active participation and how they take constructive criticism and incorporate it into their revised “performances.” The primary objective in these classes is to give reclusive students a chance to practice their communication skills in a safe and supportive environment… and to offer more performance-inclined students the opportunity to strengthen their existing talents. I truly believe every student will enjoy this class.


9th Grade: Introduction To Acting

This course is essentially a class on acting fundamentals. One of the most oft heard phrases in the theatre is “all acting questions are really Acting I questions.” This course is set up to be an Acting I class. I do not assume any of my students will be professional actors, but I will teach them the art and craft of acting as if they were. We will use the writings of many of the great acting teachers; people like Stanislavsky, Boleslavsky, Strassberg, Adler and Michael Chekhov – as the basis for our work and to create a vocabulary we can use for the rest of our theatrical lives. All of this is taught with scene work as the foundation. It is a class truly intent on introducing the students to ACTING.


10th – 12th Grade: Advanced Theatre

This three year course of study is based on the three pillars of theatre production – the actor, the director and the playwright. The first year is focused on the Playwright. The second year is about the Actor. The third year covers the Director. Each year has it’s own manner of covering the subject – scene work for the actors, 10-minute plays for the playwrights and special projects for the directors.

In addition to these three main subjects, EVERY year will also include the study of other branches of the theatrical arts. Those areas included in the main study are theatre history, comedy, tragedy, theatre production and aesthetics. You really cannot study Theatrical Art without these.


Bishop Seabury Theatre Production History

2016-2016 Season

  • Alice @ Wonderland Middle School Play Oct 2015
  • A Servant of Two Masters Upper School Play Nov 2015
  • A Fairy Tale Life Middle School Touring Play Feb 2016
  • Seabury Stories II Upper School Play Mar 2016
  • Camelot All School Musical May 2016

2014-2015 Season

  • It’s All Greek to Me Middle School Play Oct 2014
  • You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown
  • Grandma’s Tales Middle School Touring Play Feb 2015
  • A Night For Actors Upper School Play Mar 2015
  • Inherit The Wind All School Play May 2015

2013-2014 Season

  • The Jungle Book Middle School Play Oct 2013
  • The Good Doctor Upper School Play Nov 2013
  • The Wizard of Oz Middle School Touring Play Feb 2014
  • A Night of 3 One-Acts Upper School Play Mar 2014
  • A Comedy of Errors All School Play May 2014

2012-2013 Season

  • Love For Three Oranges Middle School Play Oct 2012
  • Midsummer Night’s Dream Upper School Play Nov 2012
  • Lion, Witch & Wardrobe Middle School Touring Play Feb 2013
  • Seabury Stories Upper School Play Mar 2013
  • The Sound of Music All School Musical May 2013

2011-2012 Season

  • Wiley & The Hairy Man Lower School Play Oct 2011
  • The Wind in the Willows Upper School Play Nov 2011
  • Monkey Magic Lower School Touring Play Feb 2012
  • Godspell Upper School Musical Mar 2012
  • Our Town All School Play May 2012

2010-2011 Season

  • Story Theatre Lower School Play Nov 2010
  • A Few Good Men Upper School Play Nov 2010
  • True Tale of Robin Hood Lower School Touring Play Feb 2011
  • The Seabury Follies II All School Variety Show Mar 2011
  • The Apple Tree All School Musical May 2011
  • Upper School Play Nov 2014

2009-2010 Season

  • Charlotte’s Web Lower School Play Nov 2009
  • Picasso at the Lapin Agile Upper School Play Nov 2009
  • Cinderella Lower School Touring Play Feb 2010
  • Shakespeare Abridged Upper School Play Mar 2010
  • You Can’t Take It With You All School Play May 2010

2008-2009 Season

  • Twelfth Night Upper School Play Nov 2008
  • Canterbury Tales Lower School Play Nov 2008
  • The Phantom Tollbooth Lower School Touring Play Mar 2009
  • The Seabury Follies All School Variety Show Mar 2009
  • Grease! All School Musical May 2009

2007-2008 Season

  • The Cherry Orchard Upper School Play Nov 2007
  • A Night of One Acts Lower School Play Nov 2007
  • Alice in Wonderland Lower School Touring Play Feb 2008
  • Waiting For Godot Upper School Play Mar 2008
  • The Three Musketeers All School Play May 2008
  • Applause! 11 th Annual Variety Show

2006-2007 Season

  • The Chocolate War Lower School Play Nov 2006
  • Museum Upper School Play Nov 2006
  • Pixies, Kings & Magical
  • Things Lower School Touring Play Mar 2007
  • Seussical All School Musical May 2007
  • Applause! 10 th Annual Variety Show

2005-2006 Season

  • Ice Wolfe Lower School Play Nov 2005
  • Rhinoceros Upper School Play Nov 2005
  • Little Prince Lower School Touring Play Mar 2006
  • You’re A Good Man,
  • Charlie Brown Upper School Musical Mar 2006
  • The Hobbit All School Play May 2006
  • Applause! 9 th Annual Variety Show

2004-2005 Season

  • Midsummer Night’s Dream Upper School Play Nov 2004
  • Ozma of Oz Lower School Play Nov 2004
  • Just So Stories Lower School Touring Play Mar 2005
  • Ruthless Upper School Musical Mar 2005
  • Do Black Patent Leather Shoes
  • Really Reflect Up? All School Musical May 2005
  • Applause! 8 th Annual Variety Show

2003-2004 Season

  • Antigone Upper School Play Nov 2003
  • Stuck Pot Lower School Play Nov 2003
  • Tolstoy Story Play Lower School Touring Play Feb 2004
  • All In The Timing Upper School Play Mar 2004
  • Zombie Prom All School Musical May 2004
  • Applause! 7 th Annual Variety Show

2002-2003 Season

  • House of Blue Leaves Upper School Play Oct 2002
  • Charlie & The Chocolate
  • Factory Lower School Play Oct 2002
  • Jake’s Women Upper School Play Dec 2002
  • Story Theatre Lower School Play Dec 2002
  • Bye Bye Birdie All School Musical May 2003
  • Applause! 6 th Annual Variety Show

2001-2002 Season

  • Our Town Lower School Play Oct 2001
  • Moon Over Buffalo Upper School Play Oct 2001
  • Lost in Yonkers Upper School Play Dec 2001
  • The Best Christmas Pageant
  • Ever Lower School Play Dec 2001
  • Once Upon A Mattress All School Musical May 2001
  • Applause! 5 th Annual Variety Show

Highlights From Seabury’s “Early Years”

  • The Music Man
  • The Real Inspector Hound
  • The Matchmaker
  • You Can’t Take It With You
  • The Homecoming
  • Oliver!
  • Cheaper By The Dozen First Seabury Production Oct 1997
  • Applause! 1 st Annual Variety Show Spring 1998