Performing and Visual Arts at Seabury


The choral, theatrical, and visual arts curricula recognize a division between the Middle School program, which seeks to create student interest in the arts in a safe and supportive environment, and the subsequent Upper School program, which offers more advanced and specialized study. 

In sixth grade, students are introduced to each of the fine arts in rotation. In grades seven and eight, students take one academic quarter of each division of “CHAD” (Computers, Health, Art, and Drama); Art and Drama courses are part of the Fine Arts sequence.  All students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades are required to take Choral Music; Ensembles meets every other day, alternating with Physical Education. In Middle School Choral classes, students are taught basic technique and method as they learn to perform and to appreciate music. Middle School Visual Arts, Theatre and Music courses develop interest, confidence, focus, good work habits, and a foundational understanding of the subject.  In the ninth grade Visual Arts course, students build on prior study, reviewing and reinforcing the elements and principles of art introduced in seventh and eighth grades.  Ninth grade Theatre initiates a serious study of performance criticism and acting method and technique.  Upper School Choral Ensembles continue to hone student skills with more challenging compositions and continues to stress technique and music theory. In preparing students for college study, the advanced curricula for Visual Arts, Theatre and Music increase the level of sophistication in production and criticism and narrow the focus on specific artists, styles, and media. 

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