Faculty and Staff

Don M. Schawang, Head of School - e-mail

Ph.D., University of Kansas

Appointed 2000


Matt Patterson, Academic Dean - e-mail

Director of College Counseling; English Teacher

M.A., University of Kansas

Appointed 2004


Sonja Czarnecki, Dean of Students - e-mail

History Teacher

B.A., University of Virginia

Appointed 2011


Arnold A. Knudson, Director of Studies - e-mail

Chair, Mathematics

Mathematics Graduate program, University of Kansas

B.A., cum laude, Bethany College

Appointed 1997




Betsy Alford, Secretary - e-mail

B.S., University of Kansas

Appointed 2000.


Sara E. Asher - e-mail     web page

History Teacher

M.A. in Education, University of Kansas

Appointed 2002


Krista Barbour e-mail

English Teacher

B.A. Sociology at Rollins College

MA in Education, Portland State University

Appointed 2012


Dave Brunfeldt - e-mail

Physics Teacher

Ph.D., University of Kansas

Appointed 2003


Cris Bryan e-mail

English & ESL teacher

MA.EM, Covenant Theological Seminary,May  2009

MS.Ed, Newman University, May 2005

B.S.E, Emporia State, May 1995

Appointed 2012




Christopher J. Bryan - e-mail    web page

Chair, Sciences

MDiv, Covenant Theological Seminary, MO

MS.Ed, Newman University, KS

Appointed 2010


Lori Derby e-mail

Latin and French Teacher

B.S. Education, French, Bowling Green State University

M.A. French, Bowling Green State University

Appointed 2010


Vanessa Eicher - e-mail

English Teacher

Ph.D. English, University of Kansas, 2003

M.A. English, University of Kansas, 1994

B.A. Oxbridge English Language and Literature, William Jewell College, 1992

Appointed 2012


Danielle Geronymo - e-mail

Health and P.E. Teacher


Jennifer Godar

Jennifer Godar - e-mail

Director of Development

B.S., Journalism, University of Kansas

Appointed 2015


Bill Gollier - e-mail   web page

Chair, History

B.A. University of Kansas

M.A. University of Missouri

Appointed 2006


The Reverend Stephanie Jenkins, Chaplain - e-mail

World Religions Teacher

B.A., University of Oklahoma

M.Div., Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge

Appointed 2016


Steve Kellogg, Director of Technology - e-mail

M.A., Classics, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Appointed 1999


Nancy Landi - e-mail

Math Teacher

B.A. Mathematics, High Point University

Appointed 2012


James K. LaRocca - e-mail

B.A., University of Kansas

B.S., University of Kansas

Appointed: 2016

Margie Lawrence

Margie Lawrence, Choral Director - e-mail

B.A., California State University, Fullerton

Appointed 2009


Ann McCabe - e-mail

Financial Administrator

B.S., Colorado State University

Appointed  2006


Leslie McCaffrey - e-mail

Director of Admissions

B.S. Education, University of Kansas

Appointed 2013


Amy Meyers - e-mail

Chair, Foreign Languages

M.A., University of Kansas

Appointed  2003


Eric Nelson - e-mail

Director of Athletics, Science Teacher

M. Ed. University of Washington

Appointed 2003


Laura Porter - e-mail

Art Teacher

B.A., University of Kansas

Appointed 2005


Michael Pulsinelli - e-mail

English Teacher

M.A. in Education, Brown University, RI

B.A., English, Yale University, CT

Appointed 2010


Scott Rowe - e-mail

Spanish Teacher

M.A., University of Costa Rica

Appointed 2007

Kara Schrader

Kara Schrader - e-mail

Science Teacher

B.A. Dartmouth College

M.S. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Appointed 2013




Orlando Ventura - e-mail

Mathematics Teacher

B.A., University of Kansas

Appointed 2003


Doug Weaver - e-mail

Director of Theatrical Arts

M.A., University Michigan State University

Appointed 2007

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