Apple ID
Students jining the school in 2016-17 have a managed Apple ID created by Seabury. If you have not received your Apple ID and temporary password or need a passwrod reset, please contact the technology director.


What is an Apple ID and why do students need one?

An Apple ID is the account one uses for all online interactions with Apple, from buying music, apps, and books, to setting up iCloud storage and backup, and even making a reservations at an Apple retail store.  Students will need an Apple ID in order to receive apps and iBooks that the school distributes from Apple.

The Apple ID itself is an email address to which the student must have access.  We recommend using the student's Seabury email address because students will use that address regularly throughout the year.  Email addresses and passwords are sent to parents of new students in late spring.  If you do not have your student's email address or password or cannot sign in to the account, please contact the Admissions Director or Technology Director for assistance.

It is recommended that students use an individual Apple ID for the Seabury iPad program rather than a shared family Apple ID.  Students who already have an Apple ID are free to use it for the Seabury iPad program.

Students should bring their Apple ID and password with them when the come to pick up their iPad.  We will sign in and confirm that students are able to receive Apple iBooks and apps distributed by the school.


How do I set up an Apple ID for my student?

To begin the process of creating an Apple ID, please navigate to  For students younger than 13 parents should enter their own information on the form (apart from using the student's Seabury email address).  Students 13 and older should enter infomration pertaining to themselves.

Below are annotated illustrations of the Apple ID enrollment form at


Once you have created the Apple ID you will receive a confirmatio email at the Apple ID email address with a link to confirm that you authorize the creation of the Apple ID.

Students should have their Apple ID and password with them when they come to pick up their iPad.


What should I do if I'm asked to provide credit card infomation while setting up my student's Apple ID?

If you are presented with a screen requiring credit card information you should provide it and then follow the steps below once the Apple ID is set up to remove the credit card information from the account.  It is recommended that you purchase Apple gift cards to permit your student to purchase music, books or apps and never leave a credit card assosicated with a student's Apple ID.