Amazon Account
Students joing Seabury in 2016-17 already have an Amazon Whispercast account set up for them and have been provided the user name and password to sign in using the Kindle App.  If you cannt locate the sheet with your user name and passwrod, please contact the technology director.

Students will need an Amazon account in order to receive books the school distributes to be read in the Amazon Kindle app on students' iPads.

An account has been created for each student using their Seabury email address.  Instructions for signing into the account appear below.  For students with an existing account they would prefer to use, please contact the technology director to have an invitation sent to join Seabury's amazon "Whispercast" organization.

To start using your Seabury amazon account please follow the steps below:



1. In a web browser go to dn click the "Your Account" button toward the top right of the screen.




2. Then click the "Forgot password" link on the subsequent page.


3.  Enter your Seabury email address in the space provided and the "captcha" code beneath.


4.  Sign in to your email account, find the email from Amazon, and follow the instructions to reset the password.  You will now be abel to use your Seabury email account and Amazon password to connect the Kindle app on your iPad to your Amazon account and receive books distributed by the school